The Employment Interview PresentationSM
Interview Your Best

The Employment Interview Presentation (EIP) is a printed presentation a Candidate uses in an interview to powerfully represent their skills, experience and personal characteristics related specifically to the job. Once the Candidate presents the EIP, the Hiring Manager is well informed about the Candidate’s skills and experience and what the Candidate will contribute to the job. The EIP helps candidates win the interview and land the job.

A professionally developed Employment Interview Presentation does the following:
* Increases a Candidate’s confidence to a whole new level
* Provides an interview preparation process that focuses the Candidate on critical interview
   information and demonstrates preparation far beyond other Candidates
* Demonstrates an understanding of the key hiring criteria and how one's background and
   skills match the job requirements
* Helps guide the interview and effectively presents outstanding strengths and reasons to be
* Helps the Candidate stand out to the hiring team with a unique and powerful approach
* Creates a higher quality impression and improves the Candidate’s image
* Turns the typical interview “interrogation” into a productive job winning conversation
* Creates a “buzz” among the hiring team and accelerates the hiring cycle to the offer stage

The Employment Interview Presentation covers eight critical interview areas:
1-Combines a company logo with Personal Brand Expressions for a great first impression
    presentation cover
2-Matches the Candidate’s background, education, skills, and experience with the critical
   position requirements
3-States additional areas of professional expertise (value add) the Candidate brings to the
4-Highlights outstanding career and personal accomplishments and experiences
5-Presents a powerful strategic 30/60 day post hire action plan
6-Notes distinguishing personal characteristics and qualities that drive the Candidate’s job
7-Summarizes the main reasons why the company should hire the Candidate
8-Presents important industry, company, and interview related questions

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